Genomic Evaluations

High performance command line tool suite optimized for genomic and pedigree based evaluation

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All density problems Tooling is built for mixed density problems involving sparse or dense (genomic) elements, or both Large scale analyses Including marker effects and marker selection, multi-trait BLUP with missing data, heterogeneous variances, and more Next-generation linear algebra engine Represent linear algebra operations in mathematical form - and let the tooling do the rest Variance component estimation Estimate variance components for any mixed model equations Highly flexible models Models can be defined in terms of any combination of fixed and random effects and can be heavily customised to fit any mixed model you can think of Ease of use Tooling is designed to be easy to use and easy to integrate into existing workflows Black box functionality Prefer to define a simple parameter file and let the tooling do the rest? No problem Cross-platform Tooling is available for Windows (Cygwin or WSL), Linux and Mac Optimised for genomic data Tools for processing raw genomic data such as Final Report files through to imputation and quality control, and is highly optimised Integrated genomic database Include a genomic data repository - or can clone one we host for you - to enable the easiest processing of genotype data possible Many more... Significantly more features including pedigree builders, data converters, and more - contact us to learn more