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Modern web interface Fully functional web accessible system Simple pricing Fixed one-off fee per genotype loaded Blazing fast Highly optimised for extremely fast genotype analyses - including parent search Reliable Hosted and maintained by us - no need to worry about server maintenance Parent verification and allocation Large scale parent verification and allocation (parent search) analyses Flexibility Highly configurable system to suit your needs. Custom feature development available on request Automated QAQC Automated sample quality assurance and quality control tests, e.g. call rates, sex estimation, sample concordance Automatic data imports Imports genotype data from any common format, including Final Report files Analyses and Exports Flexible analysis and export of genotype data, including for genomic evaluations Reporting Create and automatically email CSV reports to share with your team or clients Backups Regular, secure, and reliable backups Animal Registry Database Optionally includes an animal registry database for reconciling pedigree and breeder/member information DNA Test Request Workflows Specialised workflows for creating, managing, and tracking DNA test requests against members Genetic Evaluation Results Database Optionally includes features for storing, querying, and display of breeding values (EBVs) or expected progeny differences (EPDs) and associated reliabilities Phenotype Database Optionally includes a phenotype database for storing all manner of performance data